Do You Want Hundreds Of Viewers For Your IP Cam?

ip cameraIf you want hundreds or even thousands of viewers for your IP cam, there are two main things you need to think about: how you plan to get that traffic and whether your setup can handle it.

First, consider how you’ll get the traffic. If you already have a popular website for your business or project, getting traffic may be no problem for you. Your IP cam viewers will likely come from your regular traffic. End of story.

But if you don’t have much traffic or even a website of your own yet, you’ll need to promote the site and your cam feed in the way you would promote anything else on the Internet. This can include search engine optimization strategies aimed at organic search traffic, paid online ads, real-world advertising and word of mouth.

Your new web project may have very little traffic, but there are proven ways to increase it as you’re ready to move up in the world. But is your IP cam feed ready for an onslaught of traffic? It isn’t if you aren’t working with a rebroadcast service.

The second thing you have to worry about if you want hundreds or thousands of people to see your IP cam feed is whether your feed is robust enough. And this is a question not enough people ask themselves before they start trying to show people their IP cam feed.

Most IP cams can only handle a specified number of simultaneous connections — and the network you put your cameras on can only handle so much traffic. Some cameras can only handle a handful of connections. Most can’t manage more than 20.

To distribute a feed to hundreds, you need a lot of bandwidth all in one place. You need a service than can pull a single stream from your camera and with live transcoding it will be converted to several formats. Then it will be distributed out to those who want it. Called re-broadcasters or broadcasting services, these companies provide you with all the bandwidth you need — and help ensure the security of your network too — for a flat monthly fee.

If you have something people want to see and you have an IP cam pointed at it, there’s no reason you can’t use standard optimization and promotion techniques to get a large and interested audience, and a IP cam broadcast service can make sure everyone sees your signal uninterrupted and in the highest quality possible.

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